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My first long distance trip on a motorcycle.

This is an account of my motorcycle trip down the west coast of the USA.
I like to share what I learn. I hope you find joy in reading my report.

An old Honda and a voyage to see the northwest coast of America.
Explore the world around you and discover the world inside you.

marioYou, Me, a Bike and the Road.

Have you ever heard someone say, or said yourself, "Wouldn't it be great to get a big motorcycle and take off across the country?" Remember the pull on your imagination? The butterflies in your belly and the lump in your throat? Can you still feel the surge of adrenaline? The promise of adventure? Visions of discovery, the feel of being at one with the elements and meeting all challenges as you drove headlong into the wind, aiming only for the distant and unknown horizon. Expecting full well that each turn in the road would provide you wisdom that only a motorcycle traveler can understand. Knowing full well, that when you rolled into sight again, you would be a different person, inside and out.

Yeah, well....! That was something kids only dreamed about. Right? Not so! I'll bet that curiosity still lives within you. I'll bet you truly would like to know. Isn't it time you found out? Well, climb on the bike with me as we head out on just such a journey down the western USA coastline through some of the most exciting scenery in the world. You will travel with a mission of discovery. Discovering not only what is around you, but also what is in you. As the scenery unfolds and visions unveil, new and exciting thoughts enter the mind. Maybe solutions to problems, or answers to questions. Perhaps ideas. idea! An idea you might someday share with a friend, or an idea that may one day become virtual reality. Come with me on this quest for freedom and discovery!

Part One: How we prepared and some thoughts of the approach.

Part Two: Skip the preparations and go to the first day.

Part Three: On to the bridge.

Part Four: Coasting Oregon.

Part Five: The Smokestack.

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