How It All Began

Mario Winkelman invented LDComfort ™ Riding Shorts after changing his riding style to include long distance riding. Having ridden motorcycles locally, on and off highway for over 30 years the lure of long distance motorcycle travel finally drew him to take a cross country tour. While preparing for such a long trip seating comfort became more of an issue than the frequent but shorter trips he was used to taking. Initial consideration was given to designing a comfortable custom seat for the machine of choice. After testing different shapes, thickness and material for a custom seat the journey of exploration began with a 12 thousand mile trip that included 32 states of the United States of America.
In the first three days he covered almost three thousand miles from the west coast of Washington to Huntsville, Alabama. Half way into the first day the custom designed seat proved inadequate in maintaining seating comfort. Each additional 1000 mile day proved that serious pain in the seating area could deter even the most dedicated rider. Standing on the foot-pegs when coming off the highway just to relieve the pain was not enough to encourage a remount after a fuel stop. It was not the seat design that caused the problem, but what was between the seat and the rider that caused discomfort. Numerous side trips to department stores did not turn satisfactory results in finding a product that addressed the real problem of seating comfort. Every type and brand of undergarment available to the masses was given a thorough test. Even “going commando” proved unsatisfactory. Covering the cities of Seattle, Portland, Boise, Salt Lake, Denver, Topeka, Kansas City, St Louis, Mt. Vernon, Paducah, Nashville, Elkton and into Huntsville Alabama was long enough to figure out the root of the problem. That was only the first three days of a two month adventure. 
Returning from his summer long journey and going over the memories of his travels, Mario knew the joy of his trip was severely hindered by the pain associated with seating discomfort. By now Mario knew that seams in the seating area were a big mistake and inserting padding into underwear caused more problems than it solved. For some people it may not have taken so long but at least he was sure of those facts. Chaffing against the skin from outer garments caused additional unwanted injury and moisture retention in the fabric was a contributing factor to tenderized skin.
Discussions with a long time friend in the garment industry yielded a design of undergarment that dealt with all the issues pertaining to comfort while riding long distance. No more seams in the seating area, stretch material to keep a form fit and avoid sitting on wrinkles and folds, leg openings extended closer to the knee and custom designed fabric to keep the rider’s skin dry proved the ultimate answer. With the addition of a unique “Roo-Fly” to combat struggling with unruly waistbands during pit stops, the riding shorts were ready for testing. With numerous samples distributed to select test riders, success was confirmed. With long distance comfort now a reality, LDComfort ™ Riding Shorts went into production. Members of Internet forums in the motorcycle arena soon clamored for more. Endurance riders set new world records and the long distance riding community finally had something that set them free to go the distance. Long haul truckers joined the demand for LDComfort ™ Riding shorts and frequent flyers acclaimed lasting benefits. Equipment operators of tractors and dozers and power sports operators from across the continent soon found no substitute for riding and working in LDComfort ™ undergarments. Full length tights and long sleeve tops for under leathers and snow suits were added to the line and total body comfort became a preference.  Superior to simple moisture wicking the unique dual layer fabric designed for LDComfort has an inner layer that will keep the skin dry.  
The difference between stopping a ride for pain and enjoying a long distance journey became a matter of choice. The truth is; there is no choice butt LDComfort ™.