We consider our riding gear the most comfortable motorcycle gear on the market. Don't just take our word for it, here's what a few of our riders have to say about LDComfort® gear.

Not just for Motorcycle Riding
“For the last few days, the chill factors here averaged 38 below zero deg. Naturally, our new furnace goes into failure mode. Not to worry. I slept in my LDComfort gear last night, and I was TOASTY. Additionally my office is in my home, so I am now wearing your gear around the house. My fear is that our cats will find where I store the gear, and then it will become theirs. Best, Howard”


Endurance Strengthened by LDComfort
I wanted to take a moment to express my thoughts on the garments I purchased from you a short while ago. But first, let me give you some historical perspective on what long-distance riding was like for me in the past.

I ride a 1982 Honda CB900 Custom with a Saddlemen "King and Queen" seat. I've ridden it many thousands of miles across the eastern portion of the United States, and consider myself a rider of above average endurance. Even so, the longest I've ever ridden in a single day was approximately 500 miles. Even then, 500 miles would cause a great deal of discomfort from butt burn and engine heat. Shy of an all-out maximum endurance effort, my riding days were usually limited to 250-300 miles to keep me from suffering too much.

This last May, I decided to test my endurance by attempting a Saddlesore 1000 as endorsed by the Iron Butt Association. Knowing that my prior endurance limits were around 500 miles, I started looking at options to help increase my long-distance comfort. As you may suspect by now, I learned of LDComfort garments by members of the Iron Butt Association. After looking at your web site and studying my options, I decided on a pair of your men's riding shorts and a pair of the Drymax socks. 

In the interest of real-world trials, I decided to make my Saddlesore 1000 my initial trip with my LDComfort garments. Some may think it absurd to use new, untested garments on a trip like that, but I figured that they'll either work, or they won't.

Not only did they work, they worked better than I could have ever dreamed!

The best way to describe how well your garments worked is to give you a few statistics:

Total miles traveled: 1036.0
Total time for trip: 19 hours, 36 minutes
Temperature range for the day: 52 degrees low, 88 degrees high
Engine temperature at cruise: Approx 300 degrees F at cylinder heads (air-cooled engine)

Square inches of skin affected by sweat burns: ZERO
Amount of "pruney" skin under garments after ride: NONE
Degree of odor after ride: NONE
Number of times I felt the need to stand up in the saddle during the ride: ZERO

Quite simply, your garments worked almost miraculously. I've never experienced such a lack of discomfort on a long-distance ride. The best compliment I can give your garments is that I quit thinking about them. They simply did what I needed them to do - keep me from feeling the discomfort associated with long rides and sweat burns.

LDComfort garments have been the single best purchase I've made for long-distance riding. I simply will not ride long distances without them anymore. LDComfort garments are the key to making long-distance riding possible; without LDComfort, no amount of modifications to the motorcycle will improve your endurance.

Thank you for making such an excellent line of garments. You've earned a loyal customer."
Shawn A. K

Combo Top Review = Big hit!
"Mario, you have hit it big with the Women's Combo Top! I wore mine (love the hot pink color!) from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to Ushuaia, Argentina. We experienced temps just above freezing to above 100 degrees (Fahrenheit). The Combo Top kept me cool or warm and cozy and comfortable. When it was cool out I wore the Long Sleeve LDComfort shirt over the Combo Top and when it was hot out I just wore the Combo Top under my RoadCrafter. The Combo Top is especially comfortable in the heat, no bra chafing, straps rubbing, just nice and comfy for the girls. Being on the road for several months finds me at the bathroom sink rinsing clothes out by hand. The LDComfort products wash up nice and dry overnight without a problem if you follow the enclosed instructions. I am looking forward to adding the Tights to my riding gear on our upcoming adventure around Australia. It will be Autumn and early Winter while we are there and expect to experience all weather conditions throughout their wonderful continent. Expect a report when we return! Thanks again for a great product!"
Jonnie S, Sheridan WY

Run For The Wall, Southern Route 2007
Just want to say thanks for an exceptional product. I just bought, and wore the LDComfort rider's underwear that you're making on a 3000 miler out to San Diego and back. Usually I take ointment, powder, and anything else I can think of to help eliminate that saddle soreness that accompanies long days in the saddle. Not anymore. These underwear are great, everything you claim them to be. So, thanks again. Hope to meet up with you on the road again someday."
Rudy T. San Diego, CA


Texas - showing the importance of proper riding gear.
“I sent you an email a few weeks ago telling you how much I enjoyed my new LDComfort underwear. Now I have to thank you for in part for it saving my life. I was using it for a dry under layer 4 weeks ago on my way to Prudhoe Bay Alaska. 90 miles south of there I hit a huge chug hole, it was near dark and I just could not see it. It flipped me over the bars and I was hit by my 1000 pound Goldwing....
There is not a lot of traffic there on the haul road to Prudhoe so I lay there for almost an hour. It was 19 deg. I did have a spot tracker on my bike but my injuries were so bad I could not crawl back to it to push the SOS button. 
I was ultimately helicoptered to Prudhoe then flown by jet ambulance to Fairbanks. When I got there the Dr. could not believe I did not have a scratch on me, nor was I suffering from any signs of hypothermia. He told me that my choice in high quality riding gear right down to my underwear had saved my life. I had on my tights and my shirt. Only the second time I had worn them. Unfortunately the paramedic cut them off of me. 
It will be about 6 months before I can ride again but thanks to LDComfort and a few other great riding gear manufactures I will be able to.
I will be ordering new undies soon.
Thanks again Mark”

We inquired about Mark's other gear. A full set of Gerbing's gear, Joe Rocket Jacket, Addidas Soccer socks (to go with the Gerbing socks) and a Nolan helmet were all worn in conjunction with the LDComfort garments. While LDComfort garments can protect your skin from normal damage (i.e. chaffing, moisture, temperature changes) it is part of a system of protective riding gear. We here at LDComfort always promote safe riding which includes using proper protective outer gear.


Gary Eagan Says:
Gary Eagan"In well more than a million miles of riding, competing in and winning scores of endurance competitions, I've tried every imaginable array of underwear, including bicycle shorts and no shorts at all, to fend off the dread "butt crawls." LDComfort® Riding Shorts are far and away the best solution available. The LDComfort® formula of outstanding microfiber material, snug fit and no misplaced seams is the perfect formula to keep one's butt in the seat for long days without discomfort. The multiple seams in bicycle shorts eventually contribute to a numb, crawly butt, and conventional briefs or boxers either cut off circulation with their tight, elastic seams or quickly become a liability when loose material lumps up under one's butt. LDComfort® shorts solve both problems perfectly."


Monroe, SD
"I visited with you at the Iron Butt Association National meeting in Tulsa, Oklahoma. For my style of riding you recommended a long sleeve top and tights. I mentioned I was heading across the desert to California, not back to South Dakota. I didn't think the long sleeve top and riding tights were going to work in the high heat. You assured me that was the correct choice so I purchased them. You also threw another angle at me when you said not to wear my mesh jacket. You told me to wear my Kiliminjaro with the front vents [sleeve] open and you explained why I would be cooler with this combination. I thought you were nuts! After riding through the desert in my LDComfort long sleeve top and riding tights with temperatures soaring to over 105 degrees and arriving in California I cancelled an order I had for a new mesh jacket! Mario, you were so very right about the best way to stay cool on a long ride through the scorching desert. My LDComfort undergarments are a major part of my ATGATT attire for all weather conditions. Riding in the cold of winter or the arid heat of the southern desert, I don't leave home without them."
Jack B

jack bUPDATE:

"My wife & I attended Hyderseek & completed a 48 Plus ride in 8 days 14 hours. I'm attaching a picture of us in front of the Hyder sign, with our LDComfort gear on.
We experienced temps from 34 - 100 degrees F. The LDComfort worked just as I said before.
Thanks again"
Jack & Marlene


Tieton, WA
Tobie S"The first time I used the LDComfort® Shorts was on the 2005 Iron Butt Rally. I won a pair at a gathering in Seattle and gave them a go while on the Rally. They literally saved my a**. Eleven days in the saddle, through heat and humidity my butt savored the breathability and comfort of these shorts.
I wore them under a pair of Under Armour tights, then under my Aerostich Roadcrafter. I didn’t think my comfort level could get any better on the bike until I tried the LDComfort® Tights. Without the shorts and only the LDComfort® tights under my Aerostich I remained comfortable through heat, cold and rain. I couldn’t believe the difference between the two products. The Under Armour went into the trash can and my garment of choice still remains the LDComfort® Tights. Thanks again for giving the Long Distance riding community a product that just keeps on giving.
Toby S


Queensland, Australia
"G'Day Mario, just letting you know that I absolutely love my LDComfort® Shorts here in Australia. As you may know I live in the state of Queensland which is generally quite warm to very hot, we hardly have any winter. So I have worn the shorts in very high temps and also on rides where it went to -6C. I have done many 1000k days with them and also a few 2000k days and have found them to be most comfortable. I am looking forward to pushing them harder with a double crossing later this year and really wish I had them on during my Brisbane to Fremantle IBA 50CC last January. It would have been much better. Anyhow, glad I have them now and hope to see you one day when I get to the US."
David "Davo" J


Savage, Minnesota
circle tour“Mario,
Just wanted to send you a picture from our trip around Lake Superior and to say thank you for providing a wonderful product. We had temps from 45 to 85, rain for 2 days and the rest of the time it was sunny and warm. The LDComfort products were under the Darien the whole time. I had to laugh at my riding buddies as they had to change under garments as the weather changed. We had to stop at a sporting goods store in Wawa so the Harley owner could get some warmer clothing; union suits look funny on a Harley rider!  I washed the garments once on the trip and they were dry and ready to go the next morning. Thank you for taking the time to speak with me about your products, they performed just as you had told me they would. I now know what the Iron Butt folks have as a secret weapon, LDComfort!!!”
Jim S


Northwest, AR
"Well, what can I say, another Iron Butt run "under my belt" and you guys played a key role in that success. I just finished my 2nd Iron Butt run, the 1500 mile / Under 24 hour, Bun Burner Gold. I must admit the LDComfort® "Dryline Shorts" were awesome and most importantly, I never knew they were there!! While sitting anywhere for 24 hours is certainly crazy, sitting on a BMW K1200LT, through curves, over bumpy roads and into a 45 mph side wind, can be sheer insanity. But(t) with the right planning and the right gear, your ass(ets) can really dictate the success or pain factor!! In this case the Dryline Shorts and the Dryline Turtleneck were so comfortable, I had NO problem wearing them the entire ride. 
I just want to say "Thank You" and that you can count on me to be one of your best "Word of Mouth" guys, spreading outstanding (and proven) praise for your well engineered clothes!!!!
All the best !!"
"BeemerBull" Bill S


"Chalk up another 1,000+ “Saddle Sore” Iron Butt Ride using LDComfort. This third Iron Butt ride took me from Cincinnati, Ohio, through torrential rainstorms along the Mississippi, up into Iowa where I visited the movie site of “The Field of Dreams”, across the State of Iowa and on down through Kansas City, MO, continuing on South into Arkansas; 1,112 miles in 19 hours – ALL while covered with the LDComfort Long Sleeve Shirt and the LDComfort Tights.
At NO point along the ride was I ever uncomfortable due to any seams, crimping or chafing.  In other words, YOUR clothes did their job; kept me comfortable!!
I had never worn the tights for that long of a ride and I must say that while I enjoy the shorts as well, the tights helped keep my legs from rubbing the riding pants and causing any irritation. When I am riding for a couple of hours I think I will continue to wear the shorts but on anything over 4 or more hours I will certainly pull on the tights!!
Mario – I have another Iron Butt ride coming up this Fall; the Coast to Coast in 50 Hours, and as always, I wouldn’t think of wearing anything other than the best; LDComfort!!  Thanks for all you do to provide us the BEST riding comfort possible; we appreciate it!!


Chicago, IL
"I just got back from my first long distance ride using your LDComfort® Riding Shorts. I have suffered from monkey butt for years on these rides. I tried everything, talc, bicycle shorts, different pants and finally a $700 custom made saddle. The new seat felt better but when it was hot and I wore regular cotton shorts my poor butt still suffered. No such problem with the LDComfort® 'Dryline' Riding Shorts. Problem solved. 
I am very impressed. I rode through North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia and Tennessee in hot weather. No monkey butt! Your shorts are great! I will not take another ride without them, they did the trick, no doubt about it. No more gimmicks, no more trying different solutions, your riding shorts made it a breeze to sit in a motorcycle saddle for 12 hours in hot weather. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Kindest regards, "
Dennis M


"I just got back from my second long trip of the year, over 10,000 miles from Chicago through Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. You can bet parts of that were very hot. No monkey butt, not one day of redness or discomfort, not one moment! How? 5 pairs of LDComfort® Riding Shorts and a Russell Day Long leather saddle. This is unbelievable, in the past I would always be sore and miserable after a long hot day on a bike, this time, not once! I am 56 years old and have been riding motorcycles since 1970 and it took this long to discover the cure for cursed monkey butt. (Which was) for me, your riding shorts together with a custom leather saddle. A sheepskin seat pad also worked on my other bike but getting rid of the cotton shorts (in exchange) for LDComfort® Riding Shorts was the key. No joke and I don't work for you or own stock in your company. Thank you."
Dennis M
2007 BMW R1200RT

OldSchoolMike (From ADVRider)said:

Just got home from a 15-day 6500-mile ride through TX, NM, AZ, CA, NV, UT, ID, MT, WY, NB, KS, OK and back to TX. Temperatures ranged from 36F to 107F. Took extra riding clothes but ended up wearing the same thing every day (washed out each night, of course): LD Comfort long-sleeve shirt, LD Comfort tights, Tech Sox, Side Sport boots and Darien jacket and pants. 

Following Mario's instructions on the LDComfort site (www.ldcomfort.com) I was completely comfortable in all conditions. I can't say enough about the LDComfort undergarments paired with the Aerostitch Darien. I was rained on most of the 15 days but stayed dry and comfortable. At 107F in Death Valley I controlled the airflow through the jacket just as Mario's instructions and was completely comfortable (it was damned hot when I stopped though). I only added the Darien jacket liner when the temps dipped into the 50s; the LDComfort stuff really extends the range of comfortable temps.

A big thumbs up Mario!!!! :clap

Sweet Home, OR
"Wearing LDComfort® riding shorts removed the single greatest impediment to successfully completing my Iron Butt rides. Without the LDComfort® shorts I experienced discomfort as soon as 40 minutes into a ride. After purchasing the LDComfort® shorts I can ride comfortably in up to 95 degree temperatures. In higher temperatures, a minute or two standing on the pegs will evaporate the perspiration and I am good for another hour in the saddle. No longer do I wish for a giant cold shoe horn to pry my sorry butt out of the saddle after a long ride. Thanks, LDComfort®." 
Garth T
Newburyport, MA
"Hi Mario
I was fortunate enough to visit you as a bonus location during the recent Northwest Passage Rally. As I'm sure you remember we could make 'extra' points by 'mooning' the rally staff while wearing a pair of your shorts at the next check point. Being in 'rally mode' I grabbed my shorts, took advantage of your kindness in providing us with fluids and snacks, did some route planning and left. I did not actually put my shorts on for the 'mooning bonus' until after my rest bonus, sometime later that night. Being around 4am I jumped back on my bike and was immediately struck with how comfortable the bike felt, after spending some 18 hours on the bike the previous day I usually experience some discomfort and this was strange. It took a couple of minutes for me to slowly realize that the reason it was so comfortable was that I was wearing your LDComfort® Riding Shorts and I can safely say I wore them everyday for the rest of the five day event. I'd heard your product was good from other Iron Butt riders but until I tried them I had no idea that they were just head and shoulders above everything else, cycle shorts, Under Armor and sports shorts are nothing like as comfortable. Thanks for a great visit and a great product. Cheers Andy Ride #8 NWP '06"
Andy K
Houston, TX
"Folks, Just a quick email to say thanks for offering the [LDComfort®] riding under garments you do. I first learned of your product in Denver this year at the "Ironbutt" riders national meeting and purchased one set of riding items. I was so impressed with the comfort factor I ordered two additional sets when I got back home.
Great Product, thanks again."
Chuck V C
Lincoln, NE
"Hi folks, I just returned from a whirlwind trip to Alaska. 8000 miles in 15 days. Your riding shorts were an excellent purchase which made 500+ mile days much more comfortable. Just ask my riding partners! Kudos to you for a fine product!"
Jeff H
North Apollo, PA
"I'm sold! I honestly thought after almost 30 years of riding I would just have to live with "monkey-butt". I just did not believe any ad trying to sell me (6'5" 285lbs.) a pair of stretchy cycle pants would help. Well these shorts are the best thing since sliced bread! Whole grain of course. My wife and I just completed 3500 miles(2-800mile days) visiting our daughter in Denver,CO from Apollo, PA and I felt ready to do it again. I'm spreading the word LDComfort® Riding Shorts are a must! Thank You"
Tim K
Orlando, FL
"1,633 miles in temperatures from 95 deg. to 40 deg, thru blazing sun, wind and heavy rains. The riding shorts were absolutely great. Can't wait to get some of the other fine gear from LDComfort®. I'm telling all my riding pals about your products." 
Paul A
Troy, OH
"I bought a pair of your underwear and if I had bought them before I ordered my new seat, still not here yet, I would never have ordered a new seat. I could not ride a full tank of gas out of my Concours before I bought your shorts. I just returned from a 3,900 mile in one week ride. The first day out I not only could ride a tank of fuel out [200+ miles] I rode from here in Ohio to Denver before I quit for the day. 1,267 miles. I have been telling everyone I know about your product. Thanks."
Dave S
Sydney, Australia
" Hi, I'm from Sydney Australia - I got some LDComfort® Riding Shorts from you about a month ago, just wanted to let you know that the cost and hassle of getting them from you in the US was worth it, they are the most comfortable undies I've ever ridden in, I'm sure I'll be buying some more in the future."
Greg A
Newark, DE
"I just wore my LDComfort® Riding Shorts for the first time today. A ride from Newark, DE to Washington, DC and back. Not Extremely hot, but ordinarily I would have been uncomfortable. It was Warm (78) in DC and traffic was stop and go. I was pleased to not have the usual discomfort. You folks have a product that does what is advertised. I can't wait to ride longer and more often. Thanks"
Timothy K
Täby, Sweden 
"Hi, I just got back from a 3-day tour, 3200 miles, and I must say that my butt got a little tired and numb!!! BUT, I am sure that if I not had worn these pants I probably hadn't made it . . . They are just great!
Thanks for a nice product!"
Berndt N
Hertford, NC
"Just wanted to add my two cents worth about the comfort of the LDComfort® Riding Shorts. Both hubby and I just returned from a 6,000 mile trip and were comfortable in 92+ degree heat and also in 34 degree weather. 
I'd recommend them highly. Thanks a lot."
Fargo, ND
"Your tights work great. The first day of my trip was HOT-----97 degrees! After 350 miles my friend and I packed it in, which is a short day for us, but we were getting tired. My butt was not sore, which surprised me very much. Ordinarily in weather like that, it would have been hurtin' for certain. 
Out of that whole trip, I actually spent 11 days on the road on the bike and only experienced about a ten minute light rain shower on Highway 85 south of Lead, South Dakota. Not bad----that little bit of rain in 4,258 miles and, again I say, NO SORE BUTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for a great product. I am recommending it to all my friends who put on serious miles."
Maurice B
Chicago, IL
"I recently bought a pair of your LDComfort® riding shorts for a long trip we had planned for our annual Valkyrie Owners Ride-In and knew it was going to be a long trip there. I was amazed at how good I felt wearing them and not suffering like I had in the past doing long, hot trips. These babies really work! I rode 2600 miles and never once felt saddle sore this time around which makes me a believer! I have posted your ad and link on my club website so that others can enjoy day long riding enjoyment wearing your product so I don't have to hear how sore they are. Thanks for thinking of us motorcycle riders!"
Chattanooga, TN
"How can I ever thank you for the pair of LDComfort® riding shorts? They virtually saved my butt on one long ride. I rode my motorcycle from Prescott, Arizona back to Chattanooga, Tennessee non stop again. I put on over 1850 miles each way, and it will never happen again without my LDComforts. A well made bike seat is one thing, but these comfortable riding shorts are a lifesaver! The original trip from Chattanooga to Prescott left me where I couldn't sit for three days! By contrast, after the return trip wearing the LDComfort® riding shorts, I felt fine the very next day. Any biker or passenger riding for more than an hour needs these unique, comfortable, riding shorts. I just won't leave home without them! Thanks!"
Orange County, CA
"I used the LDComfort® riding shorts and they were great. They really lessened the rump fatigue. A few weeks ago I did another 550 mile day, and I noticed a marked difference. I'm reaching for the 1000 mile in a day mark. I will definitely do it wearing my LDComforts."
Mason, OH
"On the recommendation of a friend I reluctantly bought a pair of your LDComfort® riding shorts. Frankly, I am not used to spending that much money on underwear but after a two-week 7,267 mile riding vacation in the Rockies I called up to buy more. They typically dry overnight even in a tent. This IS a case of 'you get what you pay for'. Thanks!"
Don G
Olympia, WA
"I just returned from a trip to Alaska where I rode six thousand miles in 17 days and I wanted to report that the LDComfort® riding shorts were a blessing in cold, wet weather and in dry, hot weather into the 90's. I have ridden all of the United States (49 states now); a good part of Canada and Mexico, and all of Europe and most of Eastern Europe. I have never before had the comfort that your riding shorts provide. I have tried silk and also bicycle shorts; but (butt?) your LDComfort® riding shorts are superb. I rode over 600 miles the last day; from Prince George, BC to Olympia, WA, and was extremely pleased with the comfort. I would be happy to promote the LDComfort® riding shorts to anyone. Thanks for the product and keep up the good work."
Jim S
Plainfield, NJ
"I recently purchased my first pair of LDComfort® riding shorts and I love them. I rode from NJ to Chattanooga for the National HOG Rally last week and back and never felt uncomfortable in the saddle. The trip was about 2000 miles and I will never take another bike trip without them. Thanks for delivering what you promised."
Steve S

Crestline, CA
"I would like to give a testimonial of the value of your riding shorts. They really do work!! I just returned home from the 3 Flags Classic ride put on by the So. California Motorcyclists Assoc. I rode a total of 4500 miles, from Tijuana, Mexico to Calgary, Alberta, Canada and back home to Southern California, in 10 days. I rode a few days of almost 600 miles, through the heat of Arizona and New Mexico, and on up through Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Montana and on to Calgary. I wore the LDComfort® riding shorts every day and never experienced any of the usual discomfort of past rides. I did not have any rashes or sore places when I arrived home. They are very comfortable to wear, and they do keep your rear end cooler. Thank you again for a great product. I will recommend them to all my riding friends."
Ralph C

Montesano, WA
"I used LDComfort® Riding Shorts for my very first time on a bike while taking a motorcycle safety class through MSF program. Not being used to sitting on a motorcycle and just learning about motorcycle safety, the shorts sure made for a comfortable full day of learning how to ride. My second day, I opted to wear my normal underwear and I was very aware of the seams, at least until my butt went numb. It made for difficult concentration. I will definitely be wearing LDComfort® shorts when I ride from now on especially with my concern for my own safety. And since I learned to trust in the LDComfort® company’s knowledge about motorcycle safety and comfort, I decided to go to work for them and I love it!"
Sarah E
Montesano, WA
"I love my LDComfort® Riding Shorts. They’re GREAT! I purchased a new seat at the same time I got the riding shorts and knew there would be a vast improvement in riding comfort. A few weeks later I rode without my LDComfort®s on a small 130-140 mile ride and wow. I found out exactly what a difference they make between when you use them and when you don't. I think I could use my stock seat with these things they are that good. Thanks again Mario. Many, many thanks."
Dave M

Undisclosed location
"Mario, As I told you I just wanted to drop you a message to let you know how wonderful the (LDComfort®) riding shorts took care of me on my return trip home from the BMW National Rally at Gillette Wyoming. My son and I had traveled 3500 miles on the trip out to Gillette and I was sore and walking a little funny for a few days after we arrived at the rally. I looked at your riding shorts for three different days as I toured all the vendors products and could not make up my mind if I wanted to buy a pair. Finally I gave in and purchased a pair and it sure was a good day on the home front when I did. My son's war department told him to get home ASAP or else. So we had 3 days to cover 2000 miles in 100+ temperatures through Nebraska, Kansas, and Missouri and then on down to Georgia. Your riding shorts kept me comfortable the whole distance home and I saw no soreness in the normal areas from sitting in the saddle too long. My knees were stiff but that is from old age I guess.
Thanks for a great product. I wish you the best and I will be back for more of this product. "
Don B

Maple Valley, WA
"I recently purchased your riding shorts, tights, and a top. First, I was very impressed with the quick delivery. As soon as they arrived, I tried them on and was pleased with how comfortable they felt. Then came the real test. I just finished a 1,000 mile trip. Towards the end, I realized- for the first time- that I had no rash, no chafing, and no monkey butt! In fact, when I arrived home, I wanted to just keep riding. I hesitated making this purchase, but now I am glad I did. Thank you!"
Kelly C
Ann Arbor, MI
"I recently ordered my first pair of LDComfort® Shorts from you folks after seeing your ads in the ON (BMW Owners News) for some time. I have a shorter inseam, so riding my BMW R1200 RT with its Corbin seat requires that I set my left foot down and lean the bike slightly to the left to reach the ground when I stop the bike. With the LDComfort® Shorts, this has been a much more comfortable task. With your product I have no 'creeping up' or other shifts in underwear every time I come to a stop with the bike. The fabric is very comfortable against my skin and wicks moisture well. As a result, longer rides are much more comfortable and 5-7 hours 'in the saddle' are no problem at all. I've just ordered another set of the riding shorts and have added the short sleeve turtle neck as well. Thanks for a great product that performs as advertised."
Jeff S
Edison, NJ
"I recieved my (LDComfort) Riding Shorts on Monday (very fast delivery by the way). I wore them today on the ride into work, which is only 10 miles each way but I wanted to see how they were going to be before our trip next weekend. I can't wait for everyone else to start complaining about Monkey Butt while I am nice and comfy. These are the best undies i have ever had on the motorcyle, just thought you should know. Thanks for the great product, my next purchase will be the shirts."
Bill B
La Grange, KY
KY just had a wild ice/snow storm. We lost power. As my house fell to 40°, I dug out my new LDComfort Long Sleeve Turtleneck Top and LDComfort Riding Tights. They were just the ticket to keeping warm. I even slept in them last night. Thanks a bunch - this was one of my best purchases.
Hugh B

Elizabeth, CO
"I was dubious at first but after watching the video of how water was whisked away I thought I'd try them. While is hasn't been extremely hot these garments keep me very comfortable. I always wear both leather jacket and pants in all weather conditions and the underwear is the best option I've used. Great service very friendly and personable. Thanks for a great product! I'll be buying more and recommending to others."
Mitchell L


Moyock, NC
"I just finished my first Iron Butt ride and wanted to thank you for this product. It was absolutely the most comfortable undergarment that I have ever worn. Thanks again and keep up the good work."
Jimmy C


New Hampshire
“Just a quick thank you. I’m 6/1, 310lbs. I could never get comfortable on my bike, 08 HD FLHT. I’d ride about 1 hour then start squirming around. That’s over now I ordered a pair of the riding shorts and was blown away with the comfort. First ride was with my wife on an 85 degree day with high humidity. About 3 hrs into the ride my wife asked how my magic underwear were working. I told her, ‘so good I forgot I used to be uncomfortable’. GREAT PRODUCT!!! So now I need to order 2 sets of underwear and shirts. One for her and one for me.
Thank you for a great product.”
Mike M


Euless, TX 
“Just got home from a 15-day 6500-mile ride through TX, NM, AZ, CA, NV, UT, ID, MT, WY, NB, KS, OK and back to TX. Temperatures ranged from 36F to 107F. Took extra riding clothes but ended up wearing the same thing every day (washed out each night, of course): LDComfort long-sleeve shirt, LDComfort tights, Tech Sox, Side Sport boots and Darien jacket and pants. 
Following Mario's instructions on the LDComfort site (www.ldcomfort.com) I was completely comfortable in all conditions. I can't say enough about the LDComfort undergarments paired with the Aerostitch Darien. I was rained on most of the 15 days but stayed dry and comfortable. At 107F in Death Valley I controlled the airflow through the jacket vents just as Mario's instructions and was completely comfortable (it was damned hot when I stopped though). I only added the Darien jacket liner when the temps dipped into the 50s; the LDComfort stuff really extends the range of comfortable temps.
A big thumbs up Mario!!!!”
Mike G


Olympia WA
“I do the International Motorcycle Shows for Gerbing’s Heated Clothing. Bought a pair of the shorts for me. Have been using them lately.......and am amazed how well they work, just like you said they would. Did an IBA 1000 in under 24 (20 1/2) hours on my Vespa GTS250, my butt never felt better! Thanks for a great product!”
Randy T

BC, Canada
“Have to say thank you for the LD Comfort riding shorts. I was pretty skeptical about claims but, after putting 500 miles on yesterday, I'm impressed frankly. Great product for serious riders.”
Tim T

“Hi, My name is David C. and I live in Michigan. I have been riding motorcycles for 25 years. For the last 22 years I have taken an annual ride with a group of friends. We have had groups as big as 26 and as small as 3. We have traveled all over the United States. I have tried many different solutions to the dreaded chaffed butt but none have worked as well as your product. I just got back from a week long trip that went as for south as South Carolina. The temps each day were between 88 f and 100 f for the entire week. We rode between 300 - 400 miles per day on twisty road which resulted in many hours in the saddle. The LDComfort shorts kept me dry and comfortable even though I was sweating in my Kevlar reinforced textile riding pants. I was amazed at how easy they were to clean each night and that they dried so quickly. I would have been miserable on this trip without your product. I have recommended your product to my complete rider mailing list which is about 50 guys. Thanks for a great product. I won't every make another trip with out my LDComfort riding shorts.”
David C

Medford, OR 
"Thanks for coming to the rally in Redmond.
Some time ago I purchased the riding shorts and love them, I don't use them for short rides around the valley, only the out of town rides. 
While in Redmond I bought the matching top and frankly later that night I thought.. "I must be crazy - $55 for a t-shirt?" 
I rode home in my now matching set of LDComforts... Wow, it was very nice. I mean what is salt without the pepper? I really can't put it in words but the comfort was wonderful. 
My next thought is I need another set but I really don't. A quick rinsing at the motel and you're ready to hit the road in the morning. Thanks again."
Tom L

British Columbia

I've now updated my LDComfort wardrobe with the newer styles (do your garments *ever* wear out?) and after a 4000 mile jaunt can attest to the quality and comfort they provide. Packing 2 sets of leggings and mock turtle necks, I'm always in clean gear, totally comfortable with zero chafing or other less than desirable outcomes after hours in the saddle, day after day. Drymax socks are brilliant, even if a little warm in hot weather. When one is totally comfortable clothing-wise, miles and hours in the saddle are discomfort free. Thank you Mario and all the folks at LDComfort!

Micheal S.


Mark Bardley- 9.18.2015
Yesterday I completed a 2,300 mile tour with LD Comfort underwear, long-sleeve top, and Drymax socks in utter comfort. Compared with the suffering I experienced on a previous journey without LD Comfort, I am amazed at my personal endurance in the saddle this time. Great products!