LDComfort™ was the first to design a base layer made specifically for the Long Distance Motorcycle Rider. The LDComfort Riding Shorts received a patent applied for status in 2005. The riding shorts were designed for sitting for long periods of time through all sorts of weather conditions. They are specifically designed for the Long Distance Rider to protect your skin. Serving as a chafing buffer from mid and outer layers LDComfort™ base layers keep your skin dry, helping to regulate your body temperature and prevent tenderness and raw skin.

Unlike other base layers or sport shorts LDComfort™ Riding Shorts have no harmful padding or seams in the seating area and the seams that are in the shorts are flat seams. The shorts should fit with a gentle hug to avoid folds of fabric between your skin and your seat/saddle. The leg openings feature a one way gripper to prevent the material from ridding up the leg creating folds in the fabric.(The tights do not need the gripper and therefore do not have this feature.) The men’s version also comes equipped with a convenient Roo-Fly™. The women's version has a gusset.

A major difference between the LDComfort and lesser substitutes is our fabric. Most single layer garments (polypropylene, single layer nylon) are made as outer wear and will not keep the moisture off your skin under the layers of clothing required for safe and smart motorcycle riding. We use a unique, dual layer material (two materials woven together to create a two sided fabric) in the making of our Riding Shorts, Tops and Tights. The special moisture transfer properties of this material help keep skin dryer and the outer layer creates the cooling effect of evaporation. The material offers a four way stretch that stays with you when you move and prevents chaffing. These shorts were made specifically for comfortable long sitting hours. See our Product Description page to see how it works.

Why did you choose DUAL LAYER Fabric?
DrylineAfter testing many different types of fabrics, we decided to go with a micro fiber fabric. There are many micro fiber fabrics on the market, but for the purpose of comfortable long distance motorcycle riding, we needed something that would be the optimal thickness and have the correct layers for proper water transfer and temperature control. A fabric too thick will hinder the moisture transfer and fast drying properties, while a fabric too thin does not properly protect against the chafing of outer garments. We have our fabric specially milled to our specifications to meet the criteria for skin protection.

Our special fabric is a unique, dual-component fabric featuring a hydrophobic fiber (Polyester) inside and a hydrophilic fiber (Nylon) outside. This unique combination of 63% Nylon, 23% Polyester, and 12% Lycra® (for stretch) creates a push-pull moisture transport design drawing perspiration from the skin to the garment outer layer where it stays away from the skin. Using nylon as the outer layer works well because nylon absorbs the water through the polyester and dries more quickly than natural fiber fabrics. The added Lycra® creates a four-way stretch in the material that helps it conform to a body’s contours and stay comfortable. This unique combination prevents heating up or cooling down too quickly because it keeps you dry. The micro fiber fabric is also incredibly durable and lasts a long time. View our Product Description page to see how it works.

Do I use LDComfort to replace my underwear?
YES. LDComfort™ garments are your base layer! If you put on something underneath your LDComfort™ garments you would defeat the intended purpose of protecting your skin and keeping it dry.

Shorts and Tights: All of our garments are made to the tape measure (inches).With a tape measure, measure your waist above your belt line. Women should measure at their natural waistline. Find that measurement on the chart and it will tell you what size to order. If you are between sizes we suggest that you stick with the smaller size. So if you have a 33 1/2” waist, you would order the size medium. Even if you are a returning customer it is best to check your size.

Tops:Our tops are made to fit comfortably. You may choose your size by your normal t-shirt size or you can measure your chest with a tape measure (women measure above your bust) and find your size on the chart below. When measuring for the shirts, take a deep breath and puff out your chest to get your correct size.
All of our tops are considered unisex sizes with the exception of the Combo Tops.

If your Waist/Ribs Measures: 1 palm width above knee: Order Size: If your Chest Measures:
n/a Men's Women's X - Small 32-35"
26 - 29" 14-16 15-17 Small 36-39"
30 - 33" 15-17 17-19 Medium 40-43"
34 - 37" 16-18 18-20 Large 44-47"
38 - 41" 17-20 19-22 X - Large 48-50"
42 - 45" 19-23 20-24 2X - Large 51-53"
46 - 49" 21-25 22-26 3X - Large 54-56"
50 - 53" 23-27 24-28 4X - Large 57-60"

Can I get a discount?
LDComfort™ garments are already priced as low as possible for our customers. We use the finest fabric on the market to ensure our product's quality, durability and exceptional moisture management abilities. All of our garments and their components are made here in the USA where quality can be closely maintained. LDComfort™ garments will last you years longer than any substitutes making it the most cost effective base layer you can buy.

To what areas do you ship?
We ship anywhere the United State Postal Service(USPS) will allow.  

WE USE USPS (UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE) TO SHIP. All information pertaining to shipping comes directly from the USPS web site and is not guaranteed by LDComfort.LDComfort strives to ship all items on the same working business day that orders are received. However 2-3 days processing time should be allowed.     When placing an order shipping and handling fees will be calculated in the shopping cart for you. Fees are calculated by weight, shipping method and destination.

Express mail requires a signature upon delivery. If you want to waive the signature please mention this in the customer notes section when ordering. INTERNATIONAL (INCLUDES CANADA): Shipping and handling is calculated inside the shopping cart after address information is entered. We offer First Class International for orders under 4lbs (varied shipping time), Priority Mail International (est. 6-10 days) and Express Mail International (est. 3-5 days). Please be patient after ordering.

TRACKING: Shipping time for First Class Mail can vary and there is no official tracking number. Priority Mail comes with a tracking number but USPS states it is not guaranteed to be tracked outside the USA. Express Mail can take 3-5 days and comes with a tracking number. To obtain tracking for First Class or Priority Mail additional charges can be added to pay for Registered Mail. Please contact us BEFORE ordering to inquire about registered mail

Why are there no shipping options in my area?
If the shopping cart is not giving you shipping options after you have entered your address information, it is most likely due to the zip code format. Our shopping cart only takes 5 digit zip codes. Make sure you are not trying to enter a 9 digit zip code into the zip code field. 

Are LDComfort™ products good in cold weather?
With the special fabric that keeps you dry, you will stay warmer in the cold. We do not suggest that you rely on our shorts in extreme cold for the kind of warmth you require, but they make for a dry, non bulky and non abrasive base layer. For colder weather and full leg coverage try our riding tights made with the same fabric as our shorts.

What is a Roo-Fly™? or What is this pocket in front?
Due to the 4-way stretch of the fabric, we had to design something that would be convenient for pit stops without being embarrassing. A traditional vertical fly would prove to be more trouble than no fly at all so we invented the Roo-Fly™. The Roo-Fly™ is an easy to use fly that looks like a long horizontal buttonhole with a patch pocket sewn over the top for support.

Do they dry overnight?
LDComfort™ garments will dry overnight. Like many things they also need air to help them dry. There are a few ways that might help in this situation. Hang your garments over the air conditioner/fan/heater in the hotel room. Usually there is a curtain above the shower unit you can clip them to using some of the pant hangers provided.
The best way to quickly dry any LDComfort™ garment is to do the following:
After washing your garments and wringing them out, lay them flat on a towel. Roll them up in the towel and wring the towel. A lot of moisture will be moved into the towel because it is far more absorbent. If you roll the garments up again with the dry side of the towel your shorts can actually be put back on. The garment will feel cool but your body heat will quickly help dispel any extra moisture. For the shorts and tights, the waistband will dry with your body heat in about a half hour.

Why is there no padding?
Padding stuffed into a riders shorts can be harmful and cause serious problems for the skin in the seating area if worn for more than a half day ride. If a rider requires additional padding in the seating area, adjustments or alterations should be made to the seat or saddle, not to the rider's base layer. Wearing pads create bulky additional seams, uneven folds and retain moisture while interrupting moisture transfer. Additional padding also holds harmful chemical or detergent residue much like a sponge, which can be reactivated with sweat. Trapping moisture between the skin and padding can cause serious and painful damage to the skin, especially on extended rides. Padding also contributes to rider distraction, creating a sense of disconnection with the motorcycle. Thick pads inserted into undergarments will never compensate for a poorly designed or ill fitting saddle.

Can I use powders with LDComfort™?
If you use powder with LDComfort™ undergarments you can clog the fabric, stopping the moisture transfer process. When moisture is mixed with the powder it will turn into a paste further clogging the fabric and becoming an abrasive substance. Our garments already contain anti microbial properties that do not wash out of the fabric. Unless you have a medical condition there is no need to use powdered aids. People who use inferior garments may recommend the use of powder but the quality and design of LDComfort™ surpasses the ability of any powders. Our garments are designed to help protect the skin, from the beginning all the way to the end, all on their own. Allow LDComfort™ base layers to do their job without interruption and you will better appreciate their value.

Are they similar to compression shorts?
LDComfort™ riding shorts are NOT compression shorts. When you are riding long distance, you are sitting for long periods of time. Compression shorts are usually worn short term for exercise and can restrict proper blood flow when you are inactive. You do not want anything being restricted when you are riding a motorcycle and that is why our shorts should be a gentle hug and not a tight fit. For proper fit please make sure you measure for correct sizing when ordering.

Are LDComfort™ Garments Fireproof?
No. LDComfort™ garments contain nylon and polyester. Nylon and polyester are man-made thermoplastic materials. They could become damaged when high heat is applied. If you plan to engage in a sport where there is a risk of fire, proper protective gear should be your first consideration.

What's the best way to use the Long Sleeve Top for a wide range of temperatures?
This question about how to use our riding top comes up often.

Controlling your exposure to the elements is most important when riding a motorcycle and especially so on a longer trip. The LDComfort long sleeve top can provide you with everything you need for helping you ride in 100 degrees and 50 degrees. Simply put on the LDComfort top and your other layers (a NON-mesh jacket is best) and enjoy the trip. Temps down to 50 degrees are not a problem depending on the wind proofing of your outer garment. Many riders wear a heated jacket over their LDComfort top. Riders can ride in freezing weather with little to no trouble when properly outfitted.

Temps reaching 100 degrees are also not a problem when handled correctly. The high heat is where many riders make mistakes and place themselves in danger. The LDComfort long sleeve top can be used as a cooling garment to help you ride in temps up to 120 degrees - 49 Celsius (Tested). Pour water down the sleeves and into the neck of the LDComfort top. Zip up your outer jacket and ride with a little bit of air entering at your sleeves. That air will be immediately cooled and funneled into the main part of your jacket so you can ride in a bubble of cool air. Keep that cool air around you by making sure not to open all your vents.
Here is a big secret. DO NOT WEAR MESH when the temps get past 100 degrees. There is no control of the airflow and soon you will exhaust all the cool air. Think of this: You are riding in your car with the air conditioner running. You are comfortable. Now roll down all your windows and let out the cool air.
Happy now? Same thing when you ride your motorcycle.

Off Road Riding - Which LDComfort Top is best?
Our Long Sleeve Top is always better than our Short Sleeve Top when it comes to keeping the rider dry and comfortable. In the cold mornings it is warmer. In the heat of the day it is cooler if you add a little water to the sleeves and around the neck (see previous question).

When you ride “off road” you will still be better off with the Long Sleeve Top for a couple of reasons. The shirt has the ability to keep the skin dry as it has an inner dry layer. The outside of the fabric is different than the inside of the fabric. Many “wicking” fabrics do indeed wick moisture into the fabric but still keep that moisture against the skin. LDComfort fabric goes beyond this wicking property and keeps the skin dry. See the video for a demonstration on how the fabric keeps the skin dry. You will not find this on other products that claim to be the answer. Single layer polypro and other such fabric are designed as an outer garment not an undergarment. With many such fabrics you end up with a sticky feeling when the fabric becomes saturated.

Another reason the Long Sleeve shirt is better for off road is because you tend to move around a lot more than when you are just street riding. The Long Sleeve Top is an excellent chafing buffer against abrasions from shifting protective gear. Protecting the skin is all important and the LDComfort Long Sleeve Top is meant to do just that. Our Top is no lounge shirt to waltz around the motel lobby; it is a work shirt that out performs all others when it comes to riding comfort. Even in the high humidity where you are going to be hot no matter what you do, you will not have to feel that sticky feeling and suffer from the chaffing of your outer garments.

Realize the same properties that work with our Long Sleeve Shirt also apply to the Riding Tights verses the Riding Shorts. Would you not much rather wear the tights to protect your legs and knees from the chafing of your riding pants. Our most popular riding shorts are the minimum protection in the seating area to allow any rider to enjoy as many miles as they like without the worry of saddle sores and seating discomfort. However, the serious endurance rider and the off road rider will benefit from the full protection of our Long Sleeve Shirt and the Long Tights.

Do you have a catalog?
Yes. You can download a catalog here (pdf*).

To make sure your catalog prints correctly, make sure the page setting is on landscape. If you have the option to print on both sides (duplex) it will save paper. The duplexed printed paper should flip from left to right with both sides right side up.