Product Care

LDComfort® is made from synthetic materials. Proper care will ensure an extremely long garment life. Longer than any store other brand of base layer.

Did you Know?

  • Our garments are made with fabric that helps control oders.
  • They are easily cleansed with any mild soap and water.
  • They are stain resistant.
  • Our garments can be damaged by using bleach or other harsh chemicals.
  • Oils stick to the fabric clogging any escape route for moisture and air.
  • Fabric softeners, dryer sheets, and even some "gentle care" laundry detergents contain oils.
  • Air drying is the best way to make your LDComfort® garments last.

Suggested Detergents:

No BleachFor hand washing, Mario suggests using baby shampoo. A small travel bottle is all you need to pack with you on a trip.
Machine washing - use mild laundry detergents (like the hypoallergenic kind) work well and do not leave a residue.
There are also some technical washes on the market made specifically for synthetic fabrics that may help extend the life of the garment and its performance.


Washing/Drying on the Road

LDComfort® garments are easily washed and dried by hand. Whether staying in a motel room or camping in the woods LDComfort® garments readily rinse clean with water and any mild soap of your choice.
(Do not use bleach or fabric softener.)

Simply immerse the garment in water, add some baby shampoo and massage the garment in the resulting suds. Rinse the garment thoroughly in clean water and wring to remove excess water.

For the fastest drying time, lay the garment flat on top of a towel and roll the towel. Wring the garment and towel and the remaining moisture will transfer to the towel. Do this a couple of times and the garment will be ready for use. Any remaining moisture in the waistband will dry from body heat in about a ½ hour. If hanging to dry, ensure there is enough airflow where the garment is hung. (Many hotel rooms do not have enough ventilation.)


Machine washing

Machine wash with mild detergent in cold water. Line dry, or use dryer on low heat.

If you accidentally use fabric softener, strongly scented soap, or any other detergents/dryer sheets with oils, run them through one hot water wash with mild soap to remove all the oils and scents.