About Us

LDComfort® is the the original manufacturer of motorcycle specific base layers/undergarments.
In 1998 inventor Mario Winkelman was tired of riding in pain and wondered why no one had come up with a solution. He took matters into his own hands and decided to make his own remedy. Once he found the answer he couldn't help but share it with all his riding buddies.
Below are some links to more information about LDComfort®.
Short Story - Read the story of how LDComfort® Riding Shorts were invented.
Safety - We believe in safe riding. Find out why LDComfort® Undergarments can help you increase riding safety.
Warehouse - We have a retail outlet, and you can see where the LDComfort® world headquarters resides thanks to the magic of the internet!
Contact Us - We are always happy hear from our customers.
Please see our Frequently Asked Questions page for common product questions.
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