A comfortable, ergonomic base layer (undergarment) has finally been designed to eliminate troublesome hot spots, shifting, binding, pressure points and chafing. Sitting on bulky seams and folds over long distances can cause discomfort, skin damage and muscle tension leading to intense pain, mental distraction and early fatigue. The LDComfort™ Riding Shorts are designed specifically for the motorcycle rider by a long distance motorcycle rider. Millions of miles of testing and critical feedback came from hundreds of riders in the Iron Butt Association beginning in 1999
The truth is, anyone who sits for long periods of time can get uncomfortable in their seat. Truck drivers, snowmobile enthusiasts, horse riders, and even people who sit in an office eight hours a day need some kind of support and smooth seating surface for comfort. The largest muscle in the body, the glutei maximi, tends to absorb and transmit a great deal of strain when agitated by sitting on anything but a smooth surface.  Regular brief underwear possesses seams and folds that pass directly underneath the area where most of a person’s weight is distributed pushing on pressure points and, in a rider’s case, can cause compression sores. Loose, ill fitting boxer style shorts offer little support, bunch and gather folds in the material, and end up causing similar discomfort. Effects of these potentially harmful conditions multiply when subjected to the negative stimuli experienced on lengthy road trips. When riding a motorcycle, you don’t want to be more worried about your sore bottom than whether or not the car in the other lane sees you. Many riders consider the LDComfort™ Riding Shorts a necessary safety item.
How do LDComfort™ Riding Shorts solve these problems?
The seamless seating area and material that stays with the rider provides a smooth surface for a person to sit. A rider, while adjusting his/her position for curves or irregularities in the road surface can cause seams and folds to chafe making the skin tender. LDComfort™ Riding Shorts feature a skin hugging fabric and above the knee gripper elastic which prevents them from riding and bunching up. The placement of the seams is also an important factor. The 2 panel, mid-thigh length design eliminates multiple seams and seams in the seating area. This way the rider’s skin sits only on smooth fabric.
Chafing Buffer 
Some outer garments can cause chafing against the skin - specially outer pants that have mesh on the inside and no protection from the protective knee pads. This can cause some serious sores to develop.
This unique construction also ensures the special fabric will gently hug the rider and maintain contact with the skin rather than chafe against it. This soft fabric also removes moisture from the skin while offering enough cushion effect to act as a buffer against chafing from outer garments.
Note: If a rider requires additional padding in the seating area, adjustments or alterations should be made to the seat or saddle, not to the rider's shorts. Padding inserted into undergarments will not compensate for a poorly designed or ill fitting saddle and can cause more harm than good. What they do provide is bulky opportunities for additional seams, retained moisture and uneven folds while contributing to rider distraction from a sense of disconnection with the motorcycle.