Power Temp Cool Sleeve

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Power Temp Cool Sleeve are close fitting and designed to hold water in the outer fabric layer while air is funneled up the sleeves and into the main section of an outer jacket. Simply pull the Power Temp Cool Sleeve over each arm and then replace the outer riding jacket. Pour water into the Power Temp Cool Sleeve with arm raised until saturation is achieved. Adjust sleeve openings of the outer garment to allow air to flow over the Power Temp Cool Sleeve and fill the jacket with pre-cooled air. Do not open excessive vents in the outer jacket as this would collapse the air bubble and allow the cooling air to escape. Maintain the cool air bubble in the outer jacket by adjusting the front zipper or opening for the desired effect. Wearing a mesh jacket will reduce cooling efficiency because it will be difficult to maintain adequate pressure in the outer jacket to keep the cooling bubble. Rehydration of the Cool Sleeve is a simple process of adding more water. The Cool Sleeves need not be removed for rehydration. Effective for temperatures up to 120 degrees.


Measure above your bicep for best fit.

Small = 10-12" (about 17" long)

Medium = 12-14" (about 17" long)

Large = 14-16" (about 19" long)

X-Large = 18" (about 19" long)


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