LDComfort® offices and shipping warehouse are in the Three Double U building (previously the old Hoquiam Aquatic Center). The building is now open to the public, but we thought we would also offer a virtual tour.


Our office is just upstairs of the Three Double U building, previously known as the old Hoquiam Aquatic Center.

Office Location
UPDATE: The building has been painted just in time for fall! 3W building painted
The perfect parking space for Mario and Sarah's bikes is right outside the front door!
Bike Parking

As you can see there is more motorcycle parking in our parking lot across the street and there are a few spots left in front of the building.


Parking Lot
Please find a spot and come inside.
Inside we have a front entry that leads to both the main floor and to adjacent doors leading to locker rooms.
Here is where you get the first glimpse of the filled in pool. Yes, that's right, no more swimming in this pool. We still have the signs though.

Pool entry
This is what it used to look like when the pool was empty.
Pool Entry Old
Here you can see inside one of the locker rooms.
Locker Room
Filling the Pool took quite a lot of rock. We also installed a14 foot door so the trucks could get inside. It is also useful for big deliveries of materials and other goods.

Filling Pool

We prepare for covering the pool with a cement cap to provide a new warehouse floor. When it is complete this room will yield ample space for motorcycle events and manufacturing LDComfort garments.
Packing Rock
UPDATE: Heat tubes were placed in the floor under the rebar for the radiant heat. heat tubes and rebar
UPDATE: The concrete has been poured! concrete pour
UPDATE: The floor is finished with a tile border around the concrete 'pool'.
floor with tile
How inviting the pool looked when it was full of water.
Full Pool
Before you go, please take a look upstairs at the balcony. This room is easily converted to office space, meeting room or riders lounge for sponsored events. 
You can see here we have the balcony set up for rally riders so they can rest and plan their next move.

Balcony and Map Room
Thank you for visiting.