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Perception of life comes from choice of focus.  

   December 16, 2021



Welcome to my Motorcycle Travel Site!

To best appreciate the wonderful gift of life, one must sow bountifully the seeds of joy.

One of the delightful obsessions in my life is discovering new places, people and things and exciting ways to experience them. For me the motorcycle has always presented an exhilarating mode of discovery. Through the experience of riding motorcycles my travels lead me on a wonderful road of discovery. I found places and people that helped change my life for the better and exposed a world inside of me that might never have been explored without the long distance travels around the USA and Canada. Read how my travels changed my perspective as I adjusted my focus on brand new worlds.

We go through life once, so get off the couch.

Life is different for me now than it was when I took my first long distance motorcycle trip and I will share the journey into new lands and deep into my soul as I reshaped who I was into where I am headed today. Come with me and perhaps you will find some new joy that can add something to your own journey through life.

With Big Hugs...!    Mario   ô¿~

The art of motorcycle riding begins as an exercise of self control.