If the term ‘Saddle Sore’ or 'Monkey Butt' sounds familiar to you then you need LDComfort®! 
LDComfort® was the first to promote base layer garments designed specifically for long distance motorcyclists. We know that riding comfort has to be designed from the bottom up.



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Our garments are a base layer (underwear) designed specifically for the long distance motorcycle rider. They are designed to protect the skin. The superior moisture transfer technology of our dual layer fabric keeps your skin drier than any single layer "wicking" fabric.


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Read on to find how LDComfort's™ design helps prevents damage from seams, wrinkles, and folds and how the special fabric can prevent damage from moisture, chemicals, bacteria, and chafing.

Rapid Moisture Transfer and Inner Dry Layer
LDComfort™ uses a unique fabric that that has a dry inner layer.

The Fabric
Many factors can cause rider discomfort. Moisture retention can create an environment that softens skin and promotes bacteria growth. Any irritation added to moisture damaged skin like seams, misplaced padding or chemicals can cause abrasions and rashes. Any of these situations can lead to ending your ride due to pain.

Dual Layer FabricThe fabric we chose is one of the reasons our base layers work so well at protecting the skin. Many "wicking" fabrics are single layer. This may be acceptable when you use the garment as the only layer of clothing. Moisture will wick into the fabric and dry quickly due to immediate airflow. However, having a dual layer fabric works best for transferring moisture from the skin to the fabric's outer layer when mid and outer layers may prevent air flow for faster drying.

Wet Fabric TestThe fabric we use consists of nylon and polyester woven together to create two distinct sides. The polyester inner layer is non absorbent so moisture is rapidly transferred to the nylon outer layer. This leaves a dry layer next your skin preventing it from becoming soft or tenderized. Keeping moisture off your skin, with the combination of the anti microbial properties of our fabric (silver), helps keep the bacteria count low. Dirt doesn't cling to the fibers and the fabric rinses clean without need of harsh chemicals. Staying clean and dry will help you stay in the saddle longer and provide for a comfortable ride.


Seamless Seating Area
Motorcycle ShortsLDComfort™ garments are designed to provide a smooth seating surface. Sitting on seams can be a major cause for tension and seating discomfort.

No Pads
It is a misconception to assume that LDComfort® Riding Shorts will end pain from a poorly designed seat. LDComfort® riding shorts do not compensate for poor seats with the erroneous use of pads. Pads hold moisture, harmful chemicals, and increases the chances of sitting on wrinkles and folds. Padding is a function of the seat and should not be stuffed into your undergarment. IF you insist on extra padding in the seating area, we suggest using LDComfort® underneath any padded garments to protect your skin from serious damage.

Pads will:

  • Hold harmful chemicals which can reactivate causing serious skin damage on even a short day ride
  • Hold Moisture creating tenderized skin and a bacteria breeding environment
  • Cause added folds and wrinkles in your seating area

Garment Fit
LDComfort™ shorts and tights are made to come up higher in the back. This is to help prevent your lower back from being exposed in a seated position.
The legs are not made to be tight. If they are then you have the wrong size. Note that the tights do not have grippers in the leg.

All our garments are made with a 4-way stretch material. This ensures that the garment will fit any shape or size.

Our garments are not a compression fit. Compression may be good if you are vigorously exercising. When sitting for long periods of time a compression garment will restrict blood flow and can lead to serious problems.

Our shorts and tights are meant to fit with a gentle hug so as to not cause wrinkles in the fabric and to fit comfortably all day long. Our tops are also meant to fit comfortably to not restrict your movement. The tops do not need to be sucked next to your skin to transfer the sweat away. If you prefer a tighter top feel free to order a size smaller. If you prefer a looser top, a size larger will work just as well. Keep in mind however, the shirt is an undergarment meant to be worn next to your skin. Having a proper fit will be more comfortable when adding mid and outer layers. It is best to use a tape measure and refer to our sizing chart.


Chaffing Buffer
LDComfort™ Garments protect your skin from your outer garments by acting as a chafing buffer. The garments stays with your skin so leathers and textile garments will slide easily over the smooth outer layer of the fabric.


Durable and Long Lasting
One pair of LDComfort™ Riding Shorts may last you for up to 200,000 miles and still work as well as the first day of use. The fabric is durable enough to where it won't easily tear, it does not fray, and if properly cared for will look new for many years.


Men's Fly
One particularly useful feature of the Men's LDComfort® Riding Shorts and Tights is the uniquely designed front fly. Aptly called the Roo-Fly™, this handy feature eliminates struggling with cumbersome waistbands often associated with inferior garments.
The Roo-FLy™ design was engineered for the purpose of use with the stretch fabric. A horizontal pocket keeps things covered while still providing function. Since the fabric has a 4 way stretch, a traditional vertical fly would be prove more trouble than no fly at all.


Boost Performance and Safety with Long Distance Riding Comfort
No matter how long the ride, seating comfort remains a major contributing factor for safety and enjoyment. 


Many Uses
They are not just for long distance riders. Those who ride to work can now ride with no seams and also sit comfortably in their office chair. They can be comfortable while doing various activities throughout their day then ride home knowing they can do it all again tomorrow without worry. Horse riders, truck drivers, four wheelers, kayakers, machine operators, and anyone else who sits for long hours can also work or play comfortably in LDComfort® Riding Shorts.


LDComfort® is Tested by Riders Like You 
Our Riding Shorts are thoroughly tested and proven by a select group of riders, who often ride for endurance and refuse to wear anything else. Many of our customers who try LDComfort® Riding Shorts for the first time rave about how wonderfully they work. Try them yourself and you will see and feel the superior performance.