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LDComfort stays dry on the inside. Please use a TAPE MEASURE to find the correct size for your order. 100% Made in the USA!

Men's Riding Shorts

Men's Riding Shorts
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Not the same as any other base layer on the market. Superior to wicking fabrics, this dual layer fabric transfers moisture to the outer layer and the inner layer keeps the skin dry. (No need for powders that clog up moisture transport and become abrasive to the skin when you wear this quality undergarment.)

4-way stretch fabric for a perfect fit. Anti-microbial properties, Seam free seating area with no harmful padding. Relieves chaffing from outer garments, Special design prevents ride-ups or ride-downs. A ‘Roo-Fly’ for convenience at pit stops. Tested as 'perfect' for a ride of 10,636 miles in less than a week.

Packs small, washes easy, Dries fast, Comfortable in any weather, Multiple days of riding a breeze.

Made in the USA

Order by current waist size in inches. If you are between sizes we suggest that you stick with the smaller size.(Please USE A TAPE MEASURE) For sizing info click here.



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Product rating

Customer Reviews

  • Author: Bill Garner
    When the ride was over, I was ready for more. Great product.
  • Author: Robert.Jones@home.net
    Great product! Moisture management is outstanding. Cleans/dries fast. The fabric allows movement underneath my Roadcrafter so I don't get get the binding and chafing that occurs with cotton type fabrics. No thick seams to rub me either. Also important, no
  • Author: John Worrell
    Great product (dryline riding shorts, riding tights) with outstanding service; plan to continue doing business on a long term basis with this company.
  • Author: Ray
    Just tested my new riding shorts on a 600 mile PGR Mission; 50 miles in the rain & FL - GA heat.
    Great Product, Mario!
  • Author: Tom.van.Hardeveld@helping.net
    Purchased the shorts at the BMW-MOA rally, and used it on the ride home. On my first day, after 10 hours of riding, I was looking for an excuse to ride some more, and actually took an unplanned detour. No chafing, no monkeybutt, no pain. The ride was glorious.
  • Author: smieczkowski@hotmail.com
    Bought one pair to try and liked them so I bought a second pair and went on a 1800 mile trip in August heat and loved them. Won't leave home without them now. Great product.
  • Author: dherringgo@yahoo.com
    Super shorts for Hottt Texas temps. Get 2 pair, if you want a dry pair in the morning . I used the towel press and were wet in morn.
  • Author: cjdamato@gmail.com
    These shorts are well built. However, I was disappointed in the "seam free seating area". I'm not sure why the leg seams need to be on the inside. If they ran on the outside of the leg there would only be the one seam up the middle in the seating area. If you ride a cruiser and sit back on your butt, these seams would not be a problem. Because I ride a sport bike and I'm a little short, as I sit I lean forward more and the inside leg seams cause irritation on long trips.
  • Author: jwillema@centurylink.net
    Your products are just the best thing every. GREAT. I have been looking for something like this for many years and now have the best riding undergarments ever and will continue to use this for as long as I can ride.

    We just got back from a 5,150 mile trip from Wisconsin to the West Coast and down to California. We looped back up through Oregon, Washington, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota and finally home. I viewed your products online and thought why not try it. After getting the men’s riding shorts and trying them on thought let’s go all out. I purchased men’s riding shorts, t-shirts and women’s riding shorts, and women’s tops for our entire group of 5. I also bought the men’s socks. Let me tell you everyone thought it was Christmas each day of riding. We all couldn’t believe how comfortable the ride was and how well they wicked moisture. They not only kept you cool but also help keep use warm. I should also state that we did these miles in 12 days. So, each day we road about 425 each day. That includes mountain riding to high desert riding. We have everything from just about 45 degrees to 102 degrees of temperatures. Didn’t matter the temp the items kept us cool and or warm as needed. The first few days we did ride well over 650 in a day but it didn’t feel at all like it when wearing such a great product. After each day we felt fine and wanted to ride more, just ran out of roads.

    Again, your product was great and will purchase more in the future.

    Thanks again LD Comfort for making our trip the best ever.

    Jason Willemarck—LD Comfort wearer.
  • Author: mikeatwood001@gmail.com
    I bought 2 pairs, one for me... one for my son. We ride ZX14R's and the long trips were killing our buns and inside thighs from chaffing and seam pressure. These are awesome! We rode the first day for 10 hours and the next did the same. No pain what so ever after riding either! I won't ride without these from now on, they are that good!
  • Author: mhorton542@hotmail.com
    These shorts are wonderful. I used them on a 2700 mile trip and they worked great. They are very comfortable and function better than bicycle shorts. As a rider with 40 years experience I highly recommend these shorts.
  • Author: Aaron Solomon
    This product material may work as advertised, but the stitches are very rough and can chafe on their own. If riding, do not wear for any length of time walking around or you will be in pain for days. After contacting the store, they did not seem to care told me to fill out the return shipping form and told me to pay for shipping back to return. I recommend finding another wicking underwear, in my research, a $29.00 pair of ArmaChillo's from Duluth were cooler and much more comfortable on and off the bike. Why LD Comfort did not use more confortable seams ruined a possible great product.

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