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LDComfort stays dry on the inside. Please use a TAPE MEASURE to find your correct size. 100% Made in the USA! Covid-19 Announcement: LDComfort is returning our operation to manufacturing our riding gear after making multiple thousands of PPE for Medical Providers and First Responders. We have caught up with current orders and ship daily. You may still, help the cause and buy your Covid-19 mask at WWW.GHUNDERSUSA.COM

Women's Combo Top

Women's Combo Top
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Just for women riders- Our Combo Top is designed for optimum riding comfort. It comes with a built in liner, eliminating the need for additional undergarments. It offers ample support for women of all sizes, while keeping skin dry and free from chafing and irritation.  (Measure ribs under the bust.)

From those that have tested this product and those that have purchased it there has been excellent feedback.

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COLORS AVAILABLE WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! Item will not load into cart if not available.



Small 26-29"
Medium 30-33"
Large 34-37"
X-Large 38-41"
2X-Large 42-45"

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Kayt
    This top is perfect! It's more comfortable than any bra I own. Because the top offers great support the bras are one more thing I can leave at home. I can wear it anywhere one can dress casually. Where I used to need to bring along several T-shirts I now only bring 2-3 along with 3 of these tops most times on a two week trip since this works as a casual top, washes well in the sink, and usually dries overnight. LD Comfort, ever since I found your products it has made it so simple to pack, even for a long trip, within my one sidebag allowance with room left over for our sundries!
  • Author: brooksy_k@hotmail.com
    I bought a three of these tops to wear riding and I haven't stopped wearing them. I mean, I hardly ever wear a conventional bra anymore because these tops are SO comfortable! The moisture transfer makes them so comfortable when it's hot out, but they still keep me comfortable if it gets cold. They are the perfect undergarment. I have a larger build but I still find this top supportive with out smushing, like how some sports bras do.
  • Author: jennifer.miller.2027@live.com
    I really love this top since you don't have to wear a bra under it. When riding in warmer temps the least straps and seams you have the better. I went with a small and I will admit that my husband had to wear it for an hour to stretch it enough to be bearable. It was pretty tough getting him out of it! I just didn't want it to be too big. It fits perfect now!
  • Author: MC Mom
    My daughter introduced me to LD Comfort and I am in love! I have a medical condition which makes traditional bras uncomfortable or even painful, on top of the fact that I'm often exposed for treatments. With my Comfort Top, I can maintain modesty, stay dry, and feel super cozy comfortable. I have a frustratingly hard-to-fit bust size, so it was a pleasant surprise to find that the Comfort Top does a great job of fitting a wide range of cup and chest sizes. It provides better support than a traditional sports bra without the often too-tight feeling I get with a supportive sports bra. I wear mine ever day (and often through the night - its THAT comfortable!) and I'll never go back to regular bras again.
  • Author: bionicpelvis
    I LOVE my comfort tops! I've ditched my traditional bras and wear these exclusively. When I'm hiking with a pack, my old bras would be uncomfortable and the straps would get ground into my shoulders. Not an issue here! When I'm on a long motorcycle ride, it's so comfy that I forget it's even there. No surprises with clasps coming undone, rubbing, chaffing, etc. Just good support that stays dry. Even in the winter, I love it as a cozy base layer. Absolutely top notch!

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