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LDComfort stays dry on the inside. Please use a TAPE MEASURE to find your correct size. 100% Made in the USA! Covid-19 Announcement: LDComfort is returning our operation to manufacturing our riding gear after making multiple thousands of PPE for Medical Providers and First Responders. We have caught up with current orders and ship daily. You may still, help the cause and buy your Covid-19 mask at WWW.GHUNDERSUSA.COM

Helmet Liner w/Ties & Tail

Helmet Liner w/Ties & Tail
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The dual layer fabric of this helmet liner will stay dry on the inside. Pre-load the outer layer with water for a refreshingly cool effect. Protects the back of the neck from sun. Easily washes and helps keep your helmet clean.

This is the new version in two sizes for better fit.
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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Cruiseman
    This is one of my favorite products. I never ride without it. I cut off the little tie strings, but love the fact that the "tail" covers the back of my neck to keep the sun off.
  • Author: Skip C
    This is the bomb in hot weather. I wet my head with cold water and also soak the liner with cold water. Put on the helmet and ride on. The tail laying on your neck keeps you much cooler for at least 1- 2 hrs and keeps you from getting sunburned. A must for hot weather riding.
  • Author: R.Blanchard
    When I first put this liner on I wasn't sure if I liked the feel under the helmet. The first thing that I noticed was that it made it easier to put the helmet on without disturbing my earbuds. It also keeps anything in the helmet from becoming an annoying rub. In extremely hot weather I soak it with cool water and enjoy evaporative cooling. It has become part of my gear. the helmet doesn't feel comfortable without it now.
  • Author: ssncob
    I was introduced to this by my long distance riding buddy over 10 years ago. 95* day with humidity over 80%. He gave me the wet/dry demo, loaned me his spare. Just the helmet liner made me feel 10* cooler. I then bought the liner and shirts for the wife and myself, and shorts for me. Ridden all over the country, love them. My buddies laughed when I said I was getting cold one ride, they were sweating. They now also have the gear, and aren't laughing anymore.
  • Author: MALRKY
    I highly recommend getting getting this Helmet Liner w/Ties & Tail, "cool" comfort and your neck doesn't get fried. But, DO NOT ware it before thoroughly washing it multiple times before you ware it, especially when waring a white shirt because the black bleeds very badly. My white LD Comfort Top Short Sleeve Crew Neck is now an ugly shade of gray. I've washed it as directed, but it is permanently gray. I want to use some Oxy Clean with Woolite, but I'm afraid of destroying my shirt.

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